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About The Magic Master Summit

Hey everyone!  Thanks for visiting the MagicMasterSummit.com.  I'm David DaVinci.  Assuming that most of you have no idea who I am, I'm a full time entertainer who has toured the globe many times.  As I produce this event, I'm touring around the ocean on the Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship, entertaining audiences of around 1,200 people per show.  But enough about me, and more about the event!

This whole event is something I've wanted to do for a long time.  For far too many years, magic has been treated as just a hobby, and not a true performance art and business. My goal was to permanently marry the two terms "Show & Business" by compiling some of the brightest minds in the industry, and getting them to reveal their secrets.  I want more entertainers to see the success that I've just started to realize.  The potential to make a high six figures or even seven figures a year while performing and doing what you love to do!

Everyone in the Summit has something unique to offer; and if listened to, will help entertainers from all walks of business grow in their performance as well as their business.

I encourage everyone to watch the materials presented and continue to strive to become the better versions of themselves, in both the professional world and in their personal lives.  Take notes, soak in the information, but most importantly; Take Action!

Welcome to the Magic Master Summit!

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