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Niels Duinker

4-Time Guinness World Records holder and cruise line headliner www.comedyjuggler.com

"I purchased access to the Magic Master Summit when it first came out. I am not a magician, but a full time professional juggler who works internationally and in a good amount of the markets the experts who're getting interviewed also work in."

"The opportunity to get a sneak peak behind the scenes and hear first hand why these colleagues are doing so well, got my interested to still invest in access to the videos. "

"After having watched most of the videos already I can say that I learned a ton in a wide variety of subjects and magic is just the example topic to bring this knowledge across that in my opinion every variety act can and should benefit from."
"I just wanted to thank you deeply for the amazing summit you put together! You've clearly put a lot of time, effort and money into it."

"I'm already putting your tips into action and seeing results already!"

"You're truly an amazing performer and person! I wish you continued success! I look forward to implimenting the skills and tips you provided into my business! Thanks again!"

- Joe Black
The Magic Master Summit Summit 2016 may be over…

… But it’s not too late for you to watch it all, from the beginning!  

Because while the event was online, from July 18-22, 2016, the good news is that we’ve recorded it all!

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32 Video Interviews With Magic Master Summit Experts
As you'll see, the speaker lineup for the Magic Master Summit is world-class...

We spent more than 6 months tracking down 30+ experts in scripting, choreography, directing, fairs, cruise ships, strolling magic, kid shows, and more!. 

Then we begged, pleaded, bribed, and twisted their arms... until we finally persuaded them all to spill the beans, and teach you everything they know about making you enhance your career! 

Presentations you'll have UNLIMITED & IMMEDIATE ACCESS to when you claim your LIFETIME PASS today will include all of the following...
Greg Frewin
The Creative Process
David DaVinci
Inner Secrets of 
Headlining on Cruise Ships
Murray SawChuck
Marketing & PR For Entertainers
Dan Sperry
Creating Illusions 
Around Your Character
Wacky Chad
How to Make Six-Figures, 
On The Street
Josh Knotts
Mastering The Fair Market
Joe Vitale
Easy & Outrageous 
Marketing Techniques
Shawn Farquhar
Making Magic More Memorable
Theresa McLean
Secrets to Costuming
From Clowns to QuickChange
Chris Randall
Invisible Thread Magic, Street Busking, & Lemons
David Farr
Internet Marketing & 
Lead Generation For Entertainers
Chris & Neal
How To Make Six-Figures, 
From Kid Shows!
Glen Foster
How To Build a HUGE Fanbase, Using Social Media, Texting & Email
Justino Zoppe
Show Automation And Video Mapping With QLab
Building Your Biggest Asset
- Your Team -
Brad Ross
Finding & Creating Your "It Factor"
& Back of Room Sales
JC Sum
How To Become an Illusionist & Negotiating Higher Show Fees
Kyle Knight & Mistie
Building Illusion Shows
Selection, Placement, & Training
Bill Gladwell
How to Make $380,000+ 
By "2-Walling"
Rick Thomas
Performance & Personality
Steven Yerardi
Choreography, Bows, 
and Secrets To Staging
Jim Gravina
Making Your Show... Reel
Ken Weber
Secrets Behind 
"Maximum Entertainment"
Kristoffer Olson
Secrets To Writing A 
Comedy Magic Routine
Joel Howlett
Creating & Building Your
Close Up Show
Robert Stephens
Secrets To A Six-Figure Career Performing 
Strolling Magic
Tim Clothier
On Illusion;
Development, Creation, Building
Barry Friedman
Secrets to Getting 
Booked Solid!
Read What Others Are Saying 
About The Magic Master Summit!
 Pete Gradowski
"All I can say is wow! I'm about halfway through Day-One's presenters, and I needed to start a new notepad for all of the notes."

"Based on the lineup and blurbs I thought this would be aimed towards stage magicians/illusionists, but you continually ask the guests how these ideas can apply to my market which is kid shows."

"If the rest of the week is as strong as Day one, then you my kind sir have outdone yourself. Thank you so much for putting together an AMAZING summit. I can't wait for the rest!"
"You can see that a lot of planning went into this … hopefully it will pay off … people don’t realize that this didn’t just happen over night." 

"And the information is very good, if you can get one thing, just one out of all of the discussions it would be invaluable … and I believe that there will be dozens of insightful, helpful tips throughout the summit."
"I listened to several of the discussions yesterday and picked up some very useful information from those presenters.Bravo!"
Watch The Entire Summit… At Your Own Pace!
With your LIFETIME PASS to the Magic Master Summit 2016, you’ll have the flexibility to watch nearly 40 hours of video interviews, talks and training at your own pace. 
This means:

You’ll never miss a single talk due to scheduling conflicts.
You can SKIP AHEAD to watch talks that most interest you.
REPLAY your favorite talks again in the future.
DOWNLOAD, & save all the videos for future reference.
So free delivery of this Summit is very important to me and my team. 

(Yes, the Magic Master Summit event ran free from July 18-22, 2016)

However, it’s not practical or affordable for me to continue making this much video content available for free … ongoing.

Plus, we know that not everyone has time to watch nearly 40 hours of video interviews over a single week. And some folks want lifetime access, with the option to download the videos.

So to cover our costs of providing this extended access, we make LIFETIME PASSES available to those who are willing to invest less than $9.29 per lecture, for their future success.

This event cost more than $10,000 to produce, and 400+ hours of sweat and tears to put together.  I think you'll agree... the price for LIFETIME ACCESS is very fair!  

Eric Bedard
"Absolutely Amazing!!!" 

"I am sure that I just doubled my income for the next year!! I can't believe that this [was] free, and you can also purchase the entire series for next to nothing for the value!!!"
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The 2016 Summit has already earned rave reviews from our attendees! 

Everyone agreed—the Summit massively over delivered, offering a caliber of training in the entertainment market that can’t be found elsewhere on the Internet today.

Where else are 30+ experts in various genres of entertainment going to teach you everything they know about growing your entertainment career, in a recorded format that you can view/listen over and over again?

However, despite my confidence that you’re going to love it…

...I still proudly back your investment in the 2016 Summit with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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